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HQ plus

The interface allows hotels to easily analyze their own occupancy in the context of competitor rates and city demand at one glance.

"Optimise your strategy. Make better pricing decisions. Be a revenue maker."

Extended description

We collect real-time data from more than 20 OTAs, Brand.com, Metasearch and GDS to make sure we provide you with the most reliable fresh information. Different room-type names will no longer be a problem thanks to room type mapping by channel. HQ revenue is highly customizable, allowing to personalize your channels, competitors, room types and filters. The app is available in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Our most important features:

The Smart View is our core feature, making HQ revenue so successful. Here you can see all real-time data on competitors’ rates, events, holidays and weather, and compare it with your own occupancy and the demand in your destination. It’s an exceptional tool to boost your pricing strategies and monitor the market quickly and intuitively.


HQ revenue is a cloud-based software that provides real-time data on the market and competition. HQ plus customers are provided with high-quality information about the major online distribution channels, competitors' room prices as well as events, holidays, weather forecasts and reviews, ensuring highly effective marketing, sales and pricing strategies in order to achieve an optimal market positioning. Our software also offers a wide range of possibilities to customize and filter the data most relevant to your pricing strategy and to best analyze your market and competition.

HQ revenue was created by hoteliers for hoteliers: our team brings a powerful combination of industry experience in hospitality and tech excellence in the theory and practice of our software, creating a complete and compelling product with a knowledgeable customer service and a seamless usability.

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