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The interface offers an easy-to-use yet powerful functionality for distributing properties across multiple channels to meet and surpass the challenges of modern online distribution and revenue management.

"We optimize online hotel distribution and revenue management."

Extended description

YieldPlanet is a premium software provider focused on hotel distribution and channel management. Delivers powerful solutions to meet and surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management. Helps hoteliers to manage online distribution channels effectively from a single point of control and make faster, smarter pricing decisions.

Our most important features:

Our software automates the interactions between hotels and OTAs, while providing hotels with data, which can be used to optimize revenue & pricing, select & manage pricing strategies, and manage room inventory. At the same time the OTAs benefit from receiving real-time information on hotels’ inventory and pricing.


YieldPlanet provides innovative revenue management solutions and global distribution connectivity for the hospitality industry with the aim of solving hotels’ online distribution and pricing problems. The company works closely with the scientific community on a next generation of revenue management solutions that leverage the most advanced data technologies. YieldPlanet`s Channel Manager seamlessly connects hotels to over 300 OTAs. More than 15 000 properties worldwide, from apartments and hostels to leading brands rely on our company software solutions to optimize their online sales, increase profits and maximize revenue.

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