Introducing the new Rate Management

(Re)build your rates like a breeze

We have improved every aspect of configuring your rates, minimising the volume of work required to build or optimise rates. The screens offer faster handling, facilitating mass creation, copying, modification and rebuilding of rates.

How to create new rates

How to create new rates (13:11 min.)

Effortlessly create many rates, apply various settings and restrictions, all from one central hub.

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How to search rates & edit seasons

How to search & edit rates (7:36 min.)

Search and load rates which you want to modify in a click and create seasons for them in a swift and easy manner.

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How to edit specific days in a rate

How to edit specific days in a rate (7:27 min.)

Even more user-friendly and informative experience when you need to apply prices or restrictions for specific dates.

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How to mass update rates

How to mass update rates (3:22 min.)

An enhanced mass update tool, allowing you to easily apply prices or restrictions to many rates for many periods.

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How to test your rates

How to test your rates (3:45 min.)

Test if your prices for various combinations of adults and children (including children's ages) are correctly applied to your Per guest rates or Rates with Offsets, all from the same hub.

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Get even more

Get even more (4:14 min.)

Apply out of season period, sort your rates or copy existing rates to create new ones, saving time and effort.

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Sales Pilot: In-Depth Look

Check all rates, packages and price management features