New folio screens

Optimize your daily operations with the new folio screens.

In this Webinar we will show you how, using the latest tools in Clock PMS+, you can quickly and easily perform various operations with folios and charges.

New Folio Screens - General Overview

What's new (06:08 min.)

General overview of the folio-related screens and the operations that can be done.

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Posting charges & managing group folios

Post charges & manage folios (11:07 min.)

Here we'll take a closer look on how to post charges for different services and how to manage group folios.

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New functions

Re-open folios (12:49 min.)

In this part of the webinar, we'll see how to re-open a closed folio and what happens with charges and payments.

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Partial Corrections

Partial Corrections (13:01 min.)

What happens when charges from a closed folio should be modified?

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New Folio Design Settings

How to customise the look of the invoice? (8:46 min.)

We have added new settings that will help you customize the appearance of the invoice according to your preferences.

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Questions asked during the webinar.

The full correction creates a duplicate of the closed folio/invoice with opposite value charges - full correction of an invoice will yield a credit invoice with negative charges. The ‘Re-open’ option will: create a duplicate folio, void the closed folio/invoice and ‘move’ any payments from the closed folio/invoice to the duplicate.

Because the user that was used did not have the user right ‘Charges - custom charge posting’ in order to showcase the typical experience of a front office user.

Through the payment button you will see active pre-authorizations at the bottom of the window and you will be able to capture them.

For the moment the ‘Re-open’ can only void the original invoice.

For the moment no. Quantities need to be manually adjusted when doing a Partial correction.

Procedure here is the same as with v1 folios - invoice for 1300, payment for 1300. You create a correction for -300 which brings the balance of the invoice to -300. In the invoice you post a negative payment of -300 to balance it once you return the amount.

The option to hide the ‘source’ line in the new folio details settings hides the whole line.

New Folio Screens

Series of articles related to managing charges in the new folio screens.

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