Revenue Management at Work

Clock PMS provides fully integrated rate yielding, based on real time occupancy adaptable rates, a set of comprehensive rate restrictions and manual update of multi-date periods when the market situation is changing. Use nominal and derived rates for easier rate management.

Set rates and rate plans

Easily create rate plans with their applicable tax and even the differently priced weekend days. Now you can set season and weekend prices in a click. Season prices are not set in stone and you can quickly change the prices for certain dates only, if needed.

Add advanced rate restrictions

Enhance multiple aspects of your revenue management through rate restrictions. They can operate at different levels - rate, season and specific days.Take advantage of the wide range of restrictions possible - from the standard ones (Min stay, max adults, max children, etc.) to very specific and advanced ones.

All your rates at a glance

With the handy rate calendar, it is more convenient than ever to manage rates and revenue. Choose the most suitable view for your needs - with rates for smaller or larger periods, seasons only, etc. Now make all necessary changes to seasons, restrictions or set special date prices.

Use derived rates to simplify and automate rate management

Quickly diversify the rates you offer through derived rates and have a more flexible pricing policy. And still keep the rate management simple. Just add or subtract an amount or % to or from your standard rates and the new derived rates are ready. Use them to cover various case scenarios - rates for different boards, number of guests, group and promotional rates, etc.

Occupancy adaptable rates

Welcome to the next level of automated rate management. Occupancy adaptable rates can automatically change room prices for each day depending on your hotel occupancy. Their setup is easy - simply add occupancy levels and corresponding rates. Then use them in the WRS and OTA channels, too and let Clock PMS automatically react to market demand.

Multiple day update to adapt to market changes

Stay ahead of events and quickly adapt to market changes. Use the Set multiple days to update prices and restrictions for large periods of your choosing.

Update of all channels in real time

No need for manually checking and changing rates in every possible OTA. After each change to a rate price or restriction, Clock PMS automatically updates the information in the WRS and all channels in real time.

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