Travel arrangements:
Arrival / Departure / Transfer times & Nearby locations

The cloud hotel system Clock PMS helps you help your guests.
In its online self service portal guests can make notes about their expected arrival and departure times so you can arrange their transfers, and check at selected locations in your vicinity to let you know of their expected time of checking in.

Ask about estimated time of arrival / departure

When arrival date approaches and travel arrangements are cleared, an automated email reminds guests to specify their estimated time of arrival and/or departure in the digital portal.

The information is saved in the booking details.

Clock PMS creates a desktop notification and a booking ToDo task in the hotel system, so you are certain not to miss it.

Clock PMS booking details screen - estimated arrival/departure times
Clock PMS hotel reservation with saved transfer arrangements for guests

Arrange transfers to the hotel

The trip information guests enter online in the self service portal is useful in more ways than one.

One, you know when to expect them at the hotel, approximately.

Two, you can organize their transfers from the airport or the station. Enter the transfer times in the booking details for all users to see and arrange the service.

“I'm nearby" notifications

Not all guests book transfers. Those that don’t may arrive at any time. To make sure there are no surprises, send auto emails on the day before arrival and ask them to check themselves at recognisable locations you have set in the guest portal.

A notification will pop up on your desktop and you will be able to force the room preparation, if necessary, or make some other arrangements.

Clock PMS desktop displaying a customer location notification from the digital guest portal
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