Guest Mailer

If you like to enhance guest communication with your hotel and stay as close as possible to guests’ email accounts and mobile devices during their entire holiday, the guest mailer will help you send personalised content

Design beautiful templates, personalised with guest and booking details

Design your own layouts for each email message you’d like to automatically send your guests. Use the WYSIWYG Rich text editor to insert images, format texts, change alignments, add colours - do anything without any coding. Or, create unique and responsive designs with an HTML editor.

Insert any of the predefined parameters, such as guest name, booking period, etc. to personalise the messages.

Set rules to automate sending and adapt to the context

Choose when the types of email messages to be automatically sent in relation to the time of booking creation or guests’ arrivals and departures, etc. Have the guest mailer send emails with different content depending on the context - if it is an OTA or direct booking, for example.

Don’t just inform: include links for self service interaction

Include links in the automated email messages to introduce your guests to the Self Service Portal and its features. Don’t just send messages adapted to the context of each particular moment of their holiday, but let today’s tech savvy guests take control.

Even send manually

Keep your options open. You can always stop the automatic email sending for a given booking. Edit the content of any automatically generated email and send it manually to address a specific case at a moment of your choosing.

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