Automated import of bookings and profiles

Existing booking database can be a headache when changing your hotel management system. Not with Clock PMS, though. You can pour a big volume of important data into your new system with a single file transfer.

Easy system migration

To facilitate your smooth software migration you can easily import reservations with all important details. Whether you have used another hotel system or an alternative reservation management method all you have to do is format your existing data in a spreadsheet and save it as a .csv file. Then you can import it in Clock PMS and have your system instantly updated.

External rooming lists

With the same ease you can import any list of offline bookings like booking lists from tour operators. To see the level of details, you can check the sample file.

Sample file for external booking list import in Clock PMS
Uploading a .csv file to import bookings or profiles in Clock PMS

Import of profiles

Clock PMS focuses on guests and customer engagement. Therefore, you can import all your existing guest data, again from a .csv file. Once you do so, you will know which room your guests prefer, how many times they have stayed in your property, which company they belong to and other important details to help you personalize your services. Additionally, the web reservation system will be able to recognize them by their email and greet them personally.

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