Automated posting of charges and city tax

In Clock PMS, once you select the rate for the booking, the system automatically creates a folio and posts all relevant charges to it. These charges are instantly available to deal with - you don't have to wait for the relevant days’ night audit to have your charges correctly posted or use complex workarounds to issue an invoice in advance.

Automated posting of room and package charges

Once you select the rate and save the booking, a guest folio is created simultaneously, with all relevant room, package and city tax charges already posted. From this moment, you are good to open the folio and handle charges as you need - issue invoices in advance, add full or partial payments or deposits, apply discounts. There is no need to make pre-postings or make up other procedures to do so.

Adding payment of guarantee deposit to a guest folio

Automated charging of city tax

Often hotels have to charge their guests for local fees like a City tax, Resort tax, for example. Clock PMS lets you do this automatically, too. No matter how complex the requirements of the local authorities, you can create different city taxes with precise calculation. Then you can select the appropriate one when you setup your rates or in bookings with manual price, and the calculations are done automatically.

Actual revenue date

All charges are listed in the folio with their revenue category and group, actual revenue date and taxes. Although all charges are created instantly, each charge will be posted and reported with their real date. Again, you don't need to make a night audit to get your charges posted correctly.

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Automated posting of charges with revenu group, tax and service date in Clock PMS
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