Self Checkout & Guest Feedback

The digital guest self service portal integrated in Clock PMS lets guests handle the financial side of their stay online, through credit card (PayPal,, etc.) or bank (SEPA, Sofort, Giropay, etc.) online payments. It lets them handle the emotional one, too, through the special feedback section.

Paying their hotel bill, downloading their invoice, or voicing their opinion can be done at any time, from any place, from any device. No extra apps.

And everything they do is recorded in the booking details, generates a desktop notification, and/or is included in reports.

Paying Their Hotel Bill and Checking Out

Late checkout is easier to arrange when guests can sort payment formalities on their own. During their stay they can use the self service portal to check their charges and pay their bill.

Getting an Invoice

Invoices are just as easy to get. All your guests need to do is enter the billing details in the digital portal. Then they can download their pdf invoice at any point after payment, even after they have left the hotel.

Rating and Feedback

Invite guests to rate their experience with you or leave a comment in the special section in the online portal. The designated report will show all guest feedback, so you can solve any issues on the spot, before they can be blown out of proportion on social networks and traveller forums.

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