New Booking

In Clock PMS, it is very easy to organise the entire booking process: check room availability and identify the best offer, create a new booking, send a booking confirmation letter and even provide a secure web link to collect credit card details for a required deposit, if necessary. Optionally, you can also gather all types of booking and guest-related information.

New bookings - efficient and easy as A,B,C,D...

A. Find the best available offer

Check all available rooms, rates and upsell options at a glance...

If you need to yield dynamic rates, deal with multiple packages or enable your staff to upsell - start each booking from the Rates and Availability search.

B. Create a booking with minimum details required

Clock PMS will require absolute minimum of inputs to create a booking. Even if you only enter the most essential information of a stay and guest:

  • Period of stay
  • Room type or number
  • Guest's email and/or name and/or telephone (at least one these three must be present)
will do for the creation of a new booking with Clock PMS.

C. Email a booking confirmation in a click

Sending a booking confirmation letter with clear booking details is an important aspect of the booking process. In a click, you can preview and email the confirmation letter in multiple languages with Clock PMS.

D. Get online payments even for phone bookings.

The confirmation email can have a link to the Self Service Portal, where bookers can use the option for secure online payments.

See more about booking confirmations in Guarantee and Confirmation

Capture any detail, take care of everything

Booking Guarantee Option

Use your guarantee policy presets to quickly select the methods and periods for bookings to be guaranteed:

  • The guarantee policy selected will calculate the required deposit, if any.
  • Alternatively, the guarantee policy may only require a guest to provide their credit card details to be charged later.

Alternative scenarios

Creating new booking from the room calendar screen in Clock PMS

Simply locate an available room from the Room calendar

It allows you to locate and book a specific room/ bookable unit for the requested period

Of course, you can simply open a New booking screen

And start a new booking without going through any availability screens.

Starting a new hotel reservation from the main menu of Clock PMS
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