Central Online Booking Portal for Hospitality Groups

The central web reservation portal by Clock Software lets potential guests choose among your properties and book depending on location, rating, category, type, amenities available, or any feature you wish to advertise without visiting different websites or browsing through pages of search results.

Finding the most convenient hotel

When they select the destination of their trip, guests will see all hotels from your group found in the area. This goes two ways: it helps clients check more than one property quickly, and it helps you establish your brand.

Being specific about their desires

Clients who are more particular about their lodging can find properties that meet all their requirements: e.g. a hotel with 5-star rating, free car park and Wi-Fi.
They will be shown all such hotels your group operates in the selected location.

Seeing all available rooms & prices

Initially, the web booking engine will only show the lowest prices per hotel available.
To see the free rooms and their prices of the hotel they have chosen, guests just need to click the ‘Check all prices’ for it.

Finding alternatives within a location
(Cross sales)

If, for some reason, their first choice is unavailable, clients easily run a new search from the side menu, which is always there on the left. Finding another hotel at the same location takes just a couple of clicks.


All that is left for your guests is to choose an offer and book.
The booking engine takes them through 3 simple steps, where they enter their contact details, choose any extra services (like transfers, spa packages, etc.), and pay online.

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