Charge Extra Services

With Clock PMS you have a variety of options when it comes to charging extra services. You can quickly post extra service charges using charge templates. You still have the option to post manual charges. Easily route any posted charge to another folio.

Organise your charges through easy-to-use charge templates

No need to enter all the parameters of a charge every time when posting it. Just create charge templates for your most common extra services and charge them in a click.

More flexibility when posting charges

Not only can you use a charge template, but with a few more clicks you can define the quantity of the product or service to be charged and on which dates, thus saving even more time and efforts.

Add custom charge

Be prepared for any possible situation. When you don’t have a charge template for a certain service or product, post a custom charge manually. Just enter charge parameters and click Save. Done!

Tip:The options for posting a charge for multiple product quantities and different dates can also be used with manual charges.

Routing options

With Clock PMS, routing charges from one to another folio has never been easier. Just click the Transfer button next to a charge and select the destination folio, e.g. a company or another booking’s folio, etc. This way you can easily separate the company-covered charges from the ones paid by guests themselves, for example.

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