Checking Out

With Clock PMS you can quickly check guest folios, issue invoices and register payments.

Find the booking

Simply open the Departures screen and locate the booking you need. Check the booking folios. If it is a company booking, you can easily route the charges to a company folio.

Invoice and get payment

You can show your guest an invoice preview. Use the most convenient view mode: compact, detailed, etc. The payment for a company booking can be deducted from a company deposit, for example. Issue the invoice.

Check out in a click

Now you are a click away from checking out the guest. Just click the ‘Check Out’ button. The status of the room is directly changed to Checked out in the Housekeeping module.

Self checkout

With Clock PMS you can provide your guests with the option for self checkout. They only need to go to the Self Service Portal, check and pay their bills online. And they can check out on their own.

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