Commission Processing

With Clock PMS, calculate commissions, check the calculated amounts and track paid and payable commissions to OTAs & agents.

Set the company commission

Set the most common company commissions for maximum automation, and for the special cases use a custom commission.

Have greater flexibility with custom commissions

You can always set a custom commission for a single company booking, if necessary. Just open the booking edit screen and enter the value of the custom commission, keeping the company commission.

Get the commission calculated for each company booking

Simply open the Commissions module. Select the bookings for which you need commission calculation and click Calculate commission. Done!

Audit commissions and lock the period

On the commissions screen you can check all bookings commissions. If everything is ok with the set and calculated commissions, tick them as checked, and if not, make the necessary changes. Use the Checked filter to see the booking commissions that are checked and can be paid.

Mark all paid commissions

Avoid any confusion or mistakes. Mark all paid commissions. This way you can easily track all unpaid commissions only.

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