Cross-Property Consolidated Reporting

Clock CRS operates with a database shared between all accounts in the same subscription. All accommodation properties and restaurants in the organization use the same revenue groups and company profiles. Beside flexibility, this ensures monitoring the performance of revenue indicators and tracking charges, transfers, payments or receivables that is convenient and remarkably hassle-free.

Consolidated revenue reports

The revenue reports include the Charge Summary report, Charge Segmentation report, Charge Summary D-M-Y report, etc. They give financial and marketing information for all selected accounts (hotels, restaurants, etc.). The various filters and export options facilitate further financial analysis.

Consolidated reporting for outstanding payments

Track due payments easily with the Accounts Receivable report. Just select the accounts (hotels and/or restaurants) you need and get their outstanding payments. Or, select a company and run the report to find all its due payments to the organization.

Consolidated payment reports

The payment reports can be run for any and all properties, whether they are accommodation or restaurants. E.g. the Open Folios report shows the current charges, payments and balance in the open folios of the accounts selected in the filters, with or without details. All data can be copied, exported or printed.

Consolidated tax reporting

Payable taxes are tracked with the Tax report. Again, the report can be run consolidated for as many accounts as needed and, like all reports, exported, copied, or printed.

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