Customisable Registration Cards and Police Exports

We understand that registration cards and police exports are an important aspect for any accommodation business. You can effortlessly customise them to meet legal requirements and gather information you need for marketing purposes or guarantee guests understand and accept hotel policies. Guests can sign registration cards in paper or electronic form.

Customisable fields

The customisation of the fields of registration cards is easier than ever. Add, delete or rearrange fields to gather the information required by the authorities or needed for your marketing purposes. Set where these fields to be visible - Hotel Registry, print forms and/or the Self Service Portal.


Customisable layout

Customise every aspect of the layout of registration cards. Quickly make the hotel and guarantee policies, your logo and guest’s stay details part of your registration cards.

On paper or digital

Clock PMS offers you a variety of approaches when it comes to registration cards:

Traditional one

Print registration cards with the hotel policy and stay details for guests to sign.

Tip:Ease your work through the option for mass printing of registration cards.
Preview of an email inviting the guest to self check-in

Self-Registration through the Self Service Portal

Guests can use the link from their booking confirmation emails to complete and sign their registration cards in the Self Service Portal prior to their arrival.

Digital signing on a tablet

Go paperless and offer your guests a tablet to view and sign their registration cards.

Customized hotel guest registry to be exported for police 

Police exports

The content of police exports is based on the information you gather in registration cards. Change the fields of registration cards and the information in police exports will change accordingly. In addition, we can further customise police exports for you, so they fully fit the requirements of the police authorities and even allow automated upload.

List of the countries where our registration cards are accepted and used

Armenia  Armenia Austria  Austria Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan Belgium  Belgium
Bulgaria  Bulgaria Canada  Canada Chile  Chile Costa Rica  Costa Rica
Croatia  Croatia Czech Republic  Czech Republic Denmark  Denmark Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic
Ecuador  Ecuador Finland  Finland France  France Germany  Germany
Greece  Greece Honduras  Honduras India  India Indonesia  Indonesia
Ireland  Ireland Italy  Italy Jamaica  Jamaica Latvia  Latvia
Liberia  Liberia Mexico  Mexico Moldova  Moldova Morocco  Morocco
Netherlands Antilles  Netherlands Antilles Nicaragua  Nicaragua Nigeria  Nigeria Norway  Norway
Philippines  Philippines Romania  Romania Russian Federation  Russian Federation Saint Martin  Saint Martin
South Africa  South Africa Spain  Spain Sweden  Sweden Thailand  Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago  Trinidad and Tobago United Kingdom  United Kingdom United States  United States
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