Clock PMS supports deposits and advance payments in individual, company, event and group bookings. They are reflected as direct deposit payments in booking folios or, when an invoice is required, as deposit folios.

Register a deposit as a payment or deposit folio

Deposit payments

The simpler procedure when working with deposits in Clock PMS is to post them just as payments. It is used when no invoice issuing is required.

Deposit folios

Deposit folios are used to register and invoice deposits received from clients. The deposit payments contained in these deposit folios can be used for covering final folio charges.

Company deposit folios

Link a deposit folio not only to a booking, but to a company, too. In this case, it is a company deposit folio. It can contain deposits for groups, events or multiple stays of company representatives. It works the same way as a normal deposit folio.

A company deposit folio in Clock PMS hotel software

Using Deposits

Simple deposits as payments

If a deposit is registered as a simple payment to a booking, no more actions are needed. It serves as a direct prepayment of the charges of a booking.

Deposit Folios

In Clock PMS, it is very easy to use Deposit Folios for payment operations. Through the 'Get Deposit from...' buttonin the Payment section of a folio, you can quickly access:

  • Deposits from a deposit folio in the same or another booking
  • Deposit payment from a company deposit folio

Trackability of Deposits and Deposit Folios

A company deposit folio in Clock PMS
  • Keep track of all deposit invoices for a certain period in 'Closed Folios Report'
  • Find deposit payments in the Payments sections of open folios and in the Open Folios Report
  • The Charge Summary Report shows deposits recorded as pre-invoiced deposit revenue group charges with the respective tax applied. This is done for taxation purposes.
  • How to track remaining deposits amounts: Remaining Deposits Report

Void payments made through the ‘Get Deposit from…' option

In Clock PMS you can void deposit payments and restore deposit amounts:

  • On the destination folio screen, void the payment marked with payment type 'Transfer (internal)'.
  • On the source Deposit folio screen, void the negative payment marked with payment type 'Transfer (internal)'.
  • On the source Deposit folio screen, void the correction folio for the corresponding amount.

Refund Overpaid Deposit Amounts

Clock PMS provides you with several ways to refund overpaid deposit amounts to customers depending on the situation:

  • Whole deposit refund (when a deposit hasn’t been used)
  • Partial Deposit Refund (when only a part of deposit is used)
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