Derived Rates

Rate management and update made easy. Use a base rate to quickly create multiple rates through the Derived Rate option. This way you can effortlessly manage a lot of rates. Just update this single base rate and this will change all related derived rates.

Set the base rate

There is a simple way to organise all your rates on the basis of one standard rate. This can be the rate for the room type you sell most - the double one, for example. All other rates will be lower or higher depending on the related room type - single, premium, suite, etc.

Tip:You can also select a second rate to quickly create another set of derived rates and have negotiated rates, for example.
Creating new base rate to derive from in Clock PMS
Example of using derived rates to create prices for different meal boards

Derive all rates from the base one

Create derived rates by adding or subtracting amounts (Derived Amount rate) or percentage (Derived Percent Rate) to/from an existing standard rate. Then a change to the base rate will lead to the update of all related derived rates. It is as simple as that!

Manually update rates for specific dates

With the derived rates, you still have the option to set special rules for particular dates. Just change or remove the derivation for them and keep using the derived rate for the rest of the period.

Manual overriding of derived rates for special days in Clock PMS
Derived rates are available on all sales channels

Spread instantly

No need to check each OTA after a change to the base rate. The related derived rates are automatically updated across all channels without you lifting a finger.

Do more with derived rates

Ease the rate and revenue management even more. All you need to do is include derived rates in occupancy adaptable rates. And Clock PMS will automatically update rate prices in response to your hotel occupancy. Read more about Occupancy Adaptable Rates.

Creating an occupancy adaptable rate including a derived rate
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