Digital room service

Your restaurant e-menu in every hotel room

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The smooth integration between all the different products of Clock Software takes high-end service one step further. The digital room service of the hotel system Clock PMS lets your hotel guests use the smart TVs in their rooms or their smartphones to order directly from your restaurant system Clock POS.

Sell more

Full HD pictures.
We all eat with our eyes first.

Traditionally, room service menus do not stand out for their aesthetic appeal. With the e-menu it doesn't have to be so. Upload full HD pictures of the offered dishes to give them a proper presentation and increase orders.

Customizable first page.
Bring out the day's specials.

Let your hotel guests benefit from the special offers and happy hours at the restaurant. It's easy to do with the e-menu. Set its first page to display the promotions you like. Bring them into the spotlight and change them in a blink, as often as you need, to keep your menu up-to-date.

Offer Choice & Convenience

Choice of device.
Yours or theirs.

The digital room service can be used on any device with an internet browser. Let your guests use the smart TVs in your rooms or their own tablets or smartphones. Anything that can take them to the self service portal where they can order from the e-menu.

Convenience of payment.
Charge to folio or pay on the spot.

Since the orders are made through the self service portal, the system already knows which room they are for. Charging them to the folio takes one single click. Paying on the spot is just as simple, in cash or with a credit card reader on your waiter's tablet or smartphone.

Manage easily

Orders received on kitchen monitor.
No extra network requirements.

The orders from the digital room service are displayed on the kitchen monitor. Unlike printers, the kitchen monitor does not have to be in the same local network as the ordering device, so there is nothing additional you need to provide. Just a basic tablet with an internet connection in the kitchen.

Set with a few clicks.
If you already have your e-menu.

Setting up the mobile room service takes about no time at all. Just specify the restaurants** you want to provide it in the settings of the self service portal. Once a booking is checked in, the links to them will be activated and guests will be able to access their e-menus.
**These restaurants need to be using Clock PMS e-menu.

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