Events: Blocks and Pick-Ups

Organizing events is a complex process made easy with Clock PMS. Together with group bookings and pro-forma invoices, the room blocks and the pick-up monitoring make up a complete set of tools. The process is quite straightforward:

  • create the event,
  • block the approximate number of rooms you will need for it,
  • check the block pickup in the designated report after each new booking,
  • and have your occupancy updated automatically.

Create the event & Block the rooms

When you receive an event request, create an event in the system and block the rooms you expect to need for it, so that there are no availability surprises later. If necessary, rooms can be easily added to or taken out of the block.

Each event is linked to the profile of the company arranging it and has a start and end date.

Keep Track of Pick-Ups and Bookings

Each booking you make and link to the event will automatically use a room from the block. The special Block Pickup report shows this clearly for each event.

All bookings made for an event are shown in a designated view of the advanced booking search.

Your Inventory is Updated Automatically

Blocks are taken out from your live inventory just like regular reservations. Make a booking and the block is reduced by one, come the expiry date and all blocked rooms are released.

Your Occupancy Forecast is always up-to-date and the availability on your website and sent to OTAs is accurate at all times.

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