Room Allocation and Check-In

With Clock PMS, it is very easy and fast to find bookings and verify their details. Allocate rooms and check guests in with a click.

Find the booking

In Clock PMS, you can easily find a booking. All you need is the guest’s name, email address, telephone number OR the booking reference number (your hotel’s or the one coming from the OTA).

Verify the essential booking details

Verifying that all guest and booking details at check-in is very essential for the smooth running of front desk operations. Clock PMS will let you easily spot everything that’s important: the selected rate, the number of adults and children, whether the registration cards have been completed online or need signing at the front desk and more. Fill in the missing details, if any.

Allocate a room

In Clock PMS, it is very easy to check the available rooms by room types and allocate a room while creating the new booking.

Print registration cards or get them signed digitally

With Clock PMS you can quickly print registration cards with the hotel policy and stay details for guests to sign. Alternatively, they can be signed digitally through a tablet at the reception desk. Registration cards are customisable, read more in …

Get instant notifications when a room is ready for guest check-in

Use the Housekeeping Live Monitor to get instant notifications of ready rooms in real time. A very useful feature when you have walk-in clients waiting at your reception desk to be checked in.

Extra options

Pre-allocate rooms

You can pre-allocate rooms, e.g. for the bookings coming next day. This way when your guests come, you can directly check them in and save time.

Check in group bookings

Check in multiple group bookings at once. On the Arrival screen, use the Select Multiple option for these bookings and then click the Check In button. Done!

Print multiple registration cards at once

You can prepare for the arrival of a large group of guests in advance. Print all their registration cards at once and considerably ease your work when these guests come.

Automate room allocation

No need to check the list of available rooms. Just let Clock PMS allocate an available room for you. Select the room type and click the Allocate Room button. It’s that simple!

Self check-in

Shortly before their arrival, you can send your guests an automated email with all the information they need to access the Self Service Portal and check in online in advance.

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