Online gift-voucher shop for your website

Hotel gift vouchers make excellent presents for loved ones or desirable employee incentives. For your hospitality business, they are a great upsell opportunity. Clock PMS gives you the online gift voucher shop to help you take this opportunity and boost your sales.

Bring customers in

First you have to bring customers to your online shop. Use all possible marketing channels to promote it, like Social media, or the Guest mailer. Happy customers are great brand advocates and very likely to buy what they've once enjoyed as a gift for others.

Help them find what they need

It's always easier to find things when they are organized. The gift vouchers in your web shop can be grouped by theme, season, occasion, price or anything else you find suitable.

Gift-wrap your services

You can sell any of your services as a gift voucher - rooms, spa, packages. You can even sell monetary vouchers to be used for whatever the customer likes. Add a beautiful header to your web shop and a picture and description for each voucher to to make your offers irresistible.

Gift voucher delivery selection screen

Offer delivery options

The buyer of the voucher can have it delivered to their own address or sent to the recipient directly. You can restrict the countries you deliver to and you can offer any shipment method you like, with separate price and description.

Add a special touch

Ever so often gift vouchers feel impersonal. Clock PMS vouchers are different. The note field on the purchase screen lets your clients put in words what their gift is an expression of.

Send a confirmation to the buyer

Acknowledge the reception of payment and your commitment to good service. Clock PMS sends gift voucher buyers an automated e-mail to verify the legitimacy of their purchase.

Send the voucher to the recipient

Vouchers can be printed and delivered, picked up at your reception desk, or sent by email. If you choose the latter option, you can create a manual template in Guestmailer for the purpose.

Other important features

New voucher notifications

Clock PMS informs you about every new voucher sold. You will see notification for each sale in the hotel PMS in the same manner you are informed about new bookings. Each voucher goes with a newly created folio.

Accept vouchers as payment

Vouchers can be used as a payment method either by your staff in the hotel management system or directly by the recipient in your web reservation system. You decide whether gift vouchers can be consumed with or without a remainder.

Delivery and validity limitations

You can restrict the countries your gift vouchers can be delivered to. You can also set for how long a voucher is valid. This makes tracking and monitoring easier.

Track sales and consumption

Tracking gift voucher sales in Clock PMS is easy. If you need a sales report, check the list of sold vouchers. If you need financial analysis, run a financial report. Gift vouchers are treated as regular cash payments and are included in all related reports as payments of type 'voucher'.

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