Group Folios, Routing, Pro-Forma

The financial part of working with groups could be daunting. Small groups are easy - each pays their own. For big groups or events ClockPMS arranges the process neatly: pro-forma invoices, advance payments or deposits, mass posting of charges on booking folios, transfer of room charges to arranger folio for later payment.

Pro-forma invoices

In Clock PMS, folios double as pro-forma invoices. Simply create a folio in the arranger profile, enter an approximate amount and print out or export it.

Group deposits & advance payments

Any deposit received for the group/event is shown in the master folio and can be consumed for the charges in it. It can be invoiced as an advance payment, too. More on deposits

Routing charges to company accounts

In the agent profile, select the bookings you need to process and transfer their room or other charges to a master folio which is then billed to the company/arranger of the group.

Routing charges to personal accounts

You can also transfer charges between bookings. In the booking search screen, select the bookings and send the desired charges to the folio of one of these bookings.

Check out groups with unpaid group folio
(send to accounts receivables)

Bill companies at agreed intervals. Close group master folios with outstanding balances. On billing time, check the company profile or the special Accounts receivable report to see all outstanding invoices and collect your dues.

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