Organized Groups

Larger organized groups of guests need special attention and special tools to handle.

  • Detailed availability information,
  • well-arranged booking procedure,
  • handy tools for finding the bookings in a group & editing them at once,
  • and easy transfer of charges to arranger folio

are just some of the things which Clock PMS provides to ensure a smooth and stress-free management of groups.

Create a group/event linked to the arranger

With big groups changes in the number of guests are not rare. To give yourself freedom to juggle and avoid overbooking, create a group/event in the arranger profile and block an approximate number of rooms.

Create a group/event folio

In the profile of the arranger create a special folio, where charges made on bookings from the event/group can be transferred and paid later.

Get a deposit & send an invoice

Deposits are registered and invoiced in seconds without any extra hassle. Add the deposit in the company profile and print out or email the folio, which doubles as an invoice. The deposit will then be used to cover charges posted on the group.

Create the bookings & enter their details

The fastest way to do it is to use the 'Book' button for the group/event.

The shared parameters are auto filled, so you just tap 'Create multiple' and indicate how many copies you need. Then fill in their details in the rooming list. All bookings will be created with the same reference number to help manage the group en masse later.

Send booking confirmation

The confirmation letter to the group booking is quick, too. Just select the bookings and the language template and hit ‘Send’.

Let guests come prepared

Check-in can be speeded up considerably if registration cards are filled and signed in advance.

Send out automated messages shortly before arrival date and invite your guests to complete their cards in the digital guests self service portal before their journey.

Find & process all bookings together

When you need to do something with all the bookings in a group, find them all easily from the event search.

Route charges as needed & check out

Transfer the charges covered by the arranger to the group/event folio, possibly to be paid later.

Collect any remaining payments from guests.

Check the group out.

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