Guarantee Policies and Booking Confirmation

In Clock PMS, a guarantee policy allows you to track the bookings requiring additional guarantee action.


Just set up the guarantee policies and link it to the payment methods


Use the guarantee policies with any type of bookings


Easily include information of guarantee policies in confirmation letters and track the confirmed/unconfirmed and guaranteed/unguaranteed bookings

Flexible setup of guarantee policies

Select the deposit calculation methods for each guarantee policy

Number of nights:the maximum number of nights required to be prepaid as a deposit by a guest.

Percent of room charges:Percent of the sum of all room and package charges to be prepaid as a deposit by a guest.

Number of nights or Percent of room charges:Combination of the previous two schemes, as a guest prepays the greater amount of the two: nights or percent of room charges to be prepaid.

Percent of total booking price:Percent of the sum of all charges of the booking to be prepaid as a deposit by a guest.

Select guarantee period

You can define:

  • 'Max days after booking creation'within which a booking is to be guaranteed.
  • 'Min days before arrival'within which a booking is to be guaranteed.

Link the guarantee to a payment method

Select the guarantee payment methods that apply to a guarantee policy. Then your web reservation system uses these methods to define how a booking can be finalised and guaranteed:

  • With an actual online payment (via payment gateway)
  • By collecting credit card details
  • With an offline guarantee method, for example: bank transfer
The methods selected are shown to the client as payment options.
Tip:Once you set up your booking guarantee options, you will be able to use them:
  • To select the methods and periods for individual or group bookings to be guaranteed. The selected guarantee policy will calculate the required deposit, if any.
  • To Communicate all this information with the confirmation letter

Guarantee policies can go with any type of booking

Offline bookings

Offline bookings (the ones created by an operator) can be linked to a guarantee policy. In this case, the guarantee policy will calculate the required deposit (if any), and the confirmation letter will contain the requirements of the guarantee policy selected.

Collect the required deposits for offline bookings by providing a secure online payment link to your bookers through the Self Service Portal.

Note:Guarantee policies are optional for offline bookings and can be skipped

Web reservation system

Default guarante policy for bookings

If you have only one standard guarantee policy, set it as a default guarantee policy for your WRS. All bookings made via your WRS will have this guarantee policy.

Set a guarantee policy for each rate (advanced)

If you have multiple guarantee policies, you can link any rate to a specific guarantee policy.

  • For Book Now, Pay Now bookings, offering a discount off the rate price, you can set a guarantee policy requiring a 100% prepayment of the booking via payment gateway.
  • For Book Now, Pay Later bookings, a guarantee policy requiring collection of credit card details for later payment.

Send a Confirmation Letter

When you are done with the booking and have set a Guarantee policy for it, you can send a confirmation letter with:

  • Full details of the booking
  • Information on applicable guarantee policy and required deposit, if any
  • Even present this the content in several languages

In Clock PMS, you can email the confirmation in a single click. Alternatively, you can use the option to print the confirmation letter or even save it as a pdf file.

Manage booking statuses

Confirmed/Not Confirmed

The Booking Status is automatically changed from ‘Not Confirmed’ to ‘Confirmed’ with the sending of the confirmation letter email.

Alternatively, you can change the booking confirmation status to ‘Confirmed’ manually. Just click the ‘Confirm!’ button on the Confirmation screen of the booking.

Guaranteed/Not Guaranteed

Once you have received the required guarantee, you can update the status of the booking to Guaranteed.

All expected guarantees can be tracked in the Bookings Awaiting Guarantee Report.

Tip:You can easily see the guaranteed and unguaranteed bookings on:
  • Advanced Search screen when the Guaranteed filter is selected .
  • Room Calendar screen where these bookings appear in different colours.

Booking guaranteeing by credit card according to PCI DSS standards

Store credit card details as a guarantee

Clock PMS controls the user access to the credit details stored and keeps a log of the users having accessed them. Once in the system, they are masked for security purposes.

Clock PMS is a PCI DSS compliant hotel management system

Let guests pay their deposits through a secure web page even for phone bookings

If a booking is made over the phone, and the booker is reluctant to provide their credit card details, the same can be advised to access the Self Service Portal and use the secure online payment link there to input their credit card details safely.

Automatic retrieval of credit card details from online bookings

If through a WRS or Channel Manager, credit details are received as a booking guarantee, they will be automatically retrieved by Clock PMS.

Automatic credit card processing

With some of the credit card payment gateway interfaces (e.g., you can directly charge the required deposit to the guests’ credit cards.

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