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One for all

One for all

Guests & sales

Guests & sales

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Enterprise-grade Hotel PMS:

intuitive, versatile, connected, mobile

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Changing the focus from managing rooms to engaging guests, from hotel stay to the entire journey, from technology to usability, from a multitude of function-specific disconnected systems to a single all-round platform where all features work in synergy.

Single or multi-property. The mobile hotel system Clock PMS is designed to serve multi-property groups and chains as well as independent hotels. One log-in point for easy access to all hotels, one database for all to access company and guest profiles, shared general settings for accurate consolidated reporting, central reservation desk, centralized user management, central online booking portal integrated in the website of the group.

Sales pro-active booking process. A clear Rates & Availability monitor to find quickly the best offers for each client. A Booking Enquiry feature to save these offers and allows emailing them to the client. A ‘book’ button in the enquiry sent so when clients make up their mind and call back, you book their choice with just a click.

Automated internal mechanisms. Smart rates with season prices, special days, and manual override. Rate restrictions and occupancy adaptable rates for setting conditions to your best prices and optimize profit. Derived rates with interconnected prices for fast modification when needed. All charges posted automatically on the relevant booking, company or event folio. Deposits and accounts receivable handled effortlessly for non-pressure business relations.

Guest mailer to send out customized automated messages at specified points throughout a booking’s life and keep communication with clients going.

Tasks and staff collaboration. Desktop ToDo notes for each new event, like OTA bookings come in, booking change requests made via the mobile hotel app, etc., so you are always informed and no task is left unattended.

Mobile check-in on a tablet or a smartphone so that you are not tied to the reception desk. Simply meet guests as they arrive and check them in on a comfy sofa, just like a home welcoming.

Mobile housekeeping. Live Housekeeping monitor that shows room status in real time so communication between departments is always going and you get even more opportunities for extra profit like early check-in, for example.

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Hotel Booking Engine

Advanced Web Bookings:

more direct bookings through your hotel website, commission-free.


Direct online bookings are the preferred way to increase sales as they are free of commission and allow direct interaction with customers, with all the benefits that brings. The web reservation system of Clock PMS is what you need for them.

Used by single hotels and hotel groups. For single hotels the reservation system of allows booking one or more rooms at the hotel. For hotel chains, clients can select location, hotel or type of property, facilities, etc. and book.

Rooms, extra services, gift vouchers. Rooms, spa packages, special occasion dinners, gym sessions, transfers - everything your property offers can be sold online.

Preferential rates and bonus codes sent via the Guest mailer to encourage guests to book directly, avoid rate parity constrictions, and reward client loyalty.

PCI DSS online payments for bookings requiring immediate payment.

Seamless website integration: the booking engine is integrated into your website and can be customized to match its colour theme and your corporate style and complete the aesthetic experience.

Mobile responsive design. The booking engine looks friendly on any screen size so it customers find it easy to book, wherever they are, whatever their device.

No extra management load. As an integral part of Clock PMS, the web reservation system uses rates, services, and other parameters of the hotel system. Once it is set it only needs little tweaks as market conditions change.

No commission for any booking received from your website.

Hotel Booking Engine
Hotel Booking Engine
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Sales Pilot:

real time online distribution automatically and directly from your hotel PMS

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The Channel manager in Clock PMS connects you to more than 500 online booking channels to bring in more guests from all over the world. Once set, it does everything for you without needing constant supervision.

Automatic update of the hotel inventory across all channels. With each new online or offline booking or cancellation come in Clock PMS sends out instant update of the available rooms left.

Automatic rate update every time market conditions or your availability change or you change a price.

No overbook with the smart rate restrictions, occupancy adaptable rates, room blocks, and stop sale rules.

PMS and Channel manager in one. The Channel manager is not an external application that needs interfacing or synchronization and wastes time. It is part of the hotel system. They are designed together and function as one.

Integrated Channel Manager
Integrated Channel Manager
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GuestConnect Autopilot:

mobile service for mobile guests pre-, during, and post-stay

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Keeping up with the times and not letting hotels waste sale opportunities, Clock PMS provides a self service hotel app as a yet another point of contact where guests can take the initiative and tweak the details of their stay creating more revenue from extra services and easing the pressure with independent online check-in and check out.

Complete digital check-in. Guests can check in as early as they book: paying their guarantee, filling their registration cards, e-signing them, maybe even choose their room.

Requests for changes or extras to the booking for those whose plans change, travelling on different dates, needing a different room, or simply wanting something special.

Upsell opportunities before and during stay. The hotel app lets guests add to their experience at your hotel and they can do it well before they arrive or during their stay. Upgrading to higher-class rooms, booking extra services, checking in early against a fee, ordering digital room service, checking their bill are just some of the things they can do.

Virtual concierge. A special first page of the self service app where you can promote your trademark services, give tips and information, recommend local places of interest, and generally be of service.

Self check out. For greater convenience guests can pay their bills online in the PCI DSS environment of the mobile hotel app of Clock PMS. Invoices can be downloaded or emailed. And for those that like to have their opinion known, there is the special Feedback and rating section.

Hotel self service app
Hotel self service app
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Central Reservations & Booking Portal:

a single booking and administration touch point for hotel & accommodation groups

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The CRS of Clock PMS is designed to provide hotel groups and chains with an easy way of selling online through a single reservation desk and guest booking portal. Additionally, the shared database means shared company and guest profiles and cross-organization reporting.

Central Reservation Office where your reservation officers have all the information of all your properties to let them offer the best hotel and price to your clients.

Central online booking portal where your potential guests can find the best property at the location they are visiting and book the room they like.

Shared profile database so return customers can be treated with the same extra care everywhere and corporate clients get the same treatment in all your properties.

Consolidated reporting to give you complete information about your entire organization, summarized or per property.

Central user & account management so that you can switch between properties with a click and staff mobility is not a problem.

Central Reservations Office
Central online booking portal
Hotel Bar & Restaurant POS

Mobile Hotel Point-of-Sale:

mobile F&B service which follows your guests anywhere on the premises

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Clock POS is a full-featured mobile restaurant POS integrated with the hotel Clock PMS. It brings flexibility to traditional F&B service taking wherever customers are and ensures smooth transparent transfers to and from the hotel system.

No hardware requirements. As a cloud point-of-sale, Clock POS is low on hardware and bandwidth requirements and can be used on any device with internet connection and a browser.

Mobile POS for doing everything on the spot, from taking the order, through sending it to the kitchen, to closing the bill and collecting payment to guarantee efficiency and convenience.

Full integration with Clock PMS ensuring easy transfer of bills to room folios. All transferred bills are e-signed for reliability and easily tracked even after multiple transfers.

Kitchen monitor running on a basic tablet, announcing new orders with a ping and showing time elapsed.

e-Menu which supports full HD pictures of your exquisite dishes and can be browsed from tablets assigned to restaurant tables or from hotel rooms for ordering room service.

Online table bookings so your restaurant can be conveniently visited by not just hotel guests.

No training needed. Clock POS is an intuitive and easy to navigate mobile restaurant system which can be used by anyone with general computer skills.

Clock POS
Clock POS
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Hotel Kiosk:

original hardware and software design for a completely new check-in experience

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Clock Kiosk is the third component of the guest engagement line of Clock PMS along with the automated guest mailer and the hotel self-service app. Designed as yet another touchpoint where guests can check in, upgrade their room, get their key, pay, and/or check out it can be used by both traditional and self-service hotels.

Part of the hotel PMS. Clock Kiosk is an integral part of the hotel system, which guarantees the complete accuracy of the information it provides.

Guest identification. Guests log in at the kiosk using their booking confirmation number and unique PIN ensuring complete confidentiality of their credentials.

Check-in. Skipping the line, guests can fill and finger-sign their registration cards at the kiosk. Then they encode their own keycard and proceed to their rooms. Check-in complete.

Secure payments & checkout. Conforming to the PCI DSS requirements and interfacing with and Adyen, the hotel lobby kiosk can handle reliably payments of guarantee policies, extra service fees, hotel bills, even credit card pre-authorization.

Industrial-grade hardware guarantees reliable operation in high-dust environment, while the modern design makes Clock Kiosk a desired addition to the hotel lobby interior.

Hotel Kiosk
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Event and Meeting Room Management:

the ultimate MICE management tool at your fingertips.

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Organizing meetings, incentives, conferences, or events is easy. Clock PMS has everything you need for precise planning and tracking of progress.

Function room monitor which gives clear presentation of availability and allows direct booking.

Offer templates , which are fast to prepare and can be modified for each specific case.

Function sheets so each event-related task is assigned to a member of the staff and its completion is tracked easily.

Room blocks to make sure the accommodation of participants is guaranteed and you don’t find yourself overbooked.

Deposits and accounts receivable so you can register advance payments, use them to cover services provided, and collect other payments at later dates.

Event management Offer Templates
Payment processing

Payment Processing Autopilot

Payment processing menu item

The type of payments that are accepted at a hotel can be the make-or-break part of the booking process. Making sure you can accept the type of payment your guests prefer, ClockPMS offers several options for online payments. Here are some of the benefits they bring:

Tokenized credit card details for better security and lower PCI DSS requirements.

Pre-authorization of booking or damage guarantees.

Multiple one-click payments with the same tokenized card so every service provided can be paid on the spot without a card present.

Direct transfer from/to CC payment terminals for eliminating typing errors and misplaced payments.

Credit cards, bank cards, online banking so you can accept payments from anywhere in the world.

PayPal, WorldPay, Adyen integration for choice and lower transaction fees.

Payment processing
Automated Revenue Management

Automated Revenue Management

Automated Revenue Management menu item

Selling the right products to the right client at the right time and price used to be a challenge. Not any more. The Automated Revenue Management feature of Clock PMS+ has changed the game.

All about maximising of your profits through the automated setting of the right price at every given moment, for every given channel and every room type.

Industry-leading machine learning algorithms seamlessly integrated with Clock PMS+.

Real-time optimization with machine learning based on real-time data coming from the system, competitors, web searches, plus historical statistics.

No more human error. The right price anytime: Instant update of the prices across the whole property management system and all your distribution channels.

Automated Revenue Management
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