Marketing Segmentation

To know and forecast their business better, every revenue manager needs to know the performance of different sources and segments. Clock PMS can help with that, too. Through the system reports you can get detailed marketing segmentation information on hotel guests. And for your convenience, the available marketing sources and segments of online bookings can be automatically retrieved by the system.

Predefine Marketing sources and channels

Based on the reasons and channels for guests to come and stay at your hotel, you can predefine the most common marketing sources and channels. Then you can use them for easy selection of the marketing source and channel in bookings.

Marketing channels setup in Clock PMS for easy marketing segmentation of bookings
Selecting marketing channel and segment for a hotel booking in Clock PMS

Easy input of Marketing channel/source in any booking

Just go to the Edit screen of a booking and select the respective Marketing Channel and Marketing Source from the field suggestions.

The marketing sources and channels for bookings received via OTAs are automatically filled in by Clock PMS, when such information is available.

Note:The information from these two fields goes directly to the Clock PMS reports.

Track Marketing sources and channels with Clock PMS Reports

For the purposes of your marketing analyses, use the reports of Clock PMS to see the statistics for your hotel by the different marketing sources and channels.

Use the filters of the Charge Segmentation Report to get a breakdown of charges by marketing sources and channels.

Marketing charges report showing charges per marketing channel
Marketing breakdown of the bednights report by sources

The Bednights Report can also show the bednights as a neat arrangement by marketing sources and channels.

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