Mass Check-In and Other Mass Functions

Managing group bookings room by room takes a lot of time and effort. The ‘mass’ functions are designed to let you handle more than one booking at a time and generally make your life easier. Find them all together in the ‘multiple room’ view of the booking search screen.

Find group bookings

Find the group you need easily from the booking search screen or from the profile of the arranger company. Or, if you are looking at a folio, find the other bookings from the same group from the ‘Related bookings’ link.

Send booking confirmations

The confirmation letters to the bookings in the same group can all be sent at once. Just select the bookings and the language template.

Allocate rooms at once

Select the bookings you need and allocate their rooms at once. The system will optimize the distribution of available rooms.

Mass check-in

Select all bookings you need and check them in with a single click.

Group self check-in

Let the arranger or the guests in the group fill in and e-sign the registration cards in advance in the digital self service portal and avoid the crowd at reception. More on digital guest Self service portal

Mass print of registration cards

Print out the registration cards of the entire group, or just part of it in one go. Clock PMS fills in the available information and e-signatures automatically.

Mass posting of charges

Extra services, meals - everything can be posted to the group at one go. Select the bookings you need and tap Folios - Charge.

Mass rate reposting

Changing the rate of a group after negotiating different conditions is easy. Select all desired bookings and enter the new price or re-post their room charges as per the new rate.

Cancel bookings and void charges

Cancel all invalid bookings with one click.

The charges for cancelled bookings sometimes may have to be voided separately. Void the charges to all selected bookings at once instead of handling folios one by one.

Check out

Select all bookings you need and check them out with a single click. The room charges in their folios can be transferred to the arranger’s master folio and paid separately. More about group folios and routing

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