Occupancy Adaptable Rates

Occupancy adaptable rates are an advanced revenue management tool. It needs to be set once and then rates will switch automatically at different occupancy levels and will be distributed to all channels - offline, website, OTAs.

Use standard or derived rates to create your rate levels

First, create the rate for an empty hotel (all rooms are available). Then continue with the rates for different hotel occupancy levels. All rates supported by Clock PMS can be used - standard and derived ones.

Creating new basic hotel rate screenshot
Linking occupancy levels with respective rates

Set the occupancy levels that will trigger rate updates

Now set the different occupancy levels at which rates to be updated. Link these levels to the rates you have created for this purpose. Additionaly, the new occupancy adaptable rates can be used as the basis for derived or even other adaptable rates.

Let rates switch automatically when occupancy levels are reached

Let the next level of automated revenue management in. Clock PMS tracks your hotel occupancy and automatically changes rates when the respective occupancy levels are reached.

Setting occupancy levels to trigger rate updates for the occupancy adaptable rates in Clock PMS
Automatic rate update across all booking channels, based on occupancy levels

Have rate changes spread across channels

No need to check each OTA after every price change. Rates update automatically across all channels without you lifting a finger.

Still stay in control and update rates manually

Even using occupancy adaptable rates, Clock PMS allows manual manipulation. Change the rate directly in the cell of a certain date to disable its automatic price update.

Manual update of rates for particular dates
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