Related Bookings

(Families & Friends)

For handling bookings of families, friends, or other travellers without designated travel agents, Clock PMS provides a straightforward booking procedure, easy finding of related bookings, and quick en masse functions to save a ton of time and effort in your daily workload.

Start like a regular booking

Just enter the parameters shared between all reservations. Then tap “Create multiple” and indicate how many copies you need. All copies will be created with the same reference number to help manage the group en masse later.

Enter the booking details

The booking-specific details are entered in the multiple room view. Enter the names and the number of adults and children in each booking.

Send the booking confirmations

The booking confirmations for all related reservations can be sent at once from the hotel PMS. Just select the bookings and the language, then hit 'Send' and you are done.

Let them come prepared

Guests can fill in and sign their registration cards before they even arrive. Set Clock PMS to send out automated messages to invite them to speed up their check-in.

Find and process related bookings

For operations on all the reservations in a group, e.g. room allocation, check-in, etc., find the related bookings easily with the ‘Related bookings’ link in any of their folios. Process them all together or one by one, as the case may call for.

Check out and routing options

Check out all related bookings at once. If needed, charges can be transferred between bookings, or collected in one of their folios.

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