Room Calendar

The room calendar in Clock PMS empowers you with many options. It is a cross section of rooms, dates and bookings enriched with information about special dates, unallocated rooms, quick booking preview or room housekeeping status. An interactive overview of your property for a chosen 30-days period.

Let special event dates stand out

Add some colour. Mark any special date (e.g. local events or festivities, etc.) in a colour of your choosing. The date stands out and the label reminds you of the event.

All room and booking statuses at a glance

The Room Calendar shows all rooms of your hotel with their numbers/names, types and statuses. See if a room is ready for new guests, to be cleaned or inspected. Instantly update a room status or add a housekeeping warning in a click. For your convenience, the different colours of bookings show their status: expected, guaranteed or not, checked-in, etc.

Tip:Hover over/tap on a particular booking, you get even more details - guest name, stay, status, balance (due payments)

Check the Occupancy Forecast and the bookings awaiting room allocation

Bookings from the WRS and channels come without allocated rooms. Free rooms or bookings with unallocated rooms, with the Room Calendar of Clock PMS, you got it all covered. For each date of a selected period, the calendar shows the total number of these rooms bookings. Directly click the calendar's special links to the screens showing the occupancy forecast or the unallocated bookings and get all the information for the selected period.

Completely Interactive

Start a booking in a click

Just click an empty field of the Room Calendar. A pop-up menu instantly suggests you the number of nights for which you can book a room. And that's not all. From the same pop-up, you can also make the room OOS (Out of Service) or OK or open its edit screen.

Literally move a booking to another room

If for some reason, you need to change the booking's allocated room, all you need to do is drag and drop the booking to another room. Done!

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