Routing Charges to Company Folios and the Accounts Receivable Report

Route charges from bookings to company folios to be directly or periodically invoiced and then paid by companies. Keep track of company folios on the company profile screen and in the Accounts Receivables Report.

Route charges to company folios

Easily separate the charges for various extra services to be covered by the guest from the ones to be paid by their company (e.g. room charges). Just route the company-covered charges to a company folio. Then they can separately be invoiced and paid.

View all open folios and deposits of a company

You can easily view and operate with all open folios and deposits of a company. Simply open the company profile screen to find all of them, neatly arranged in separate sections.

Send a separate invoice for each company booking

Easily issue and send companies separate invoices for each company-related booking. Just open the respective company folio on the company profile screen and proceed with the invoice issuing.

Alternatively, periodically invoice multiple company bookings

You can organise the payment of multiple bookings at regular intervals, e.g. on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Send the charges from these company-related bookings to a master folio and invoice them every week, month or quarter. And the payment can be made by deducting the respective amount due from a company prepaid deposit., for example.

Accounts Receivable Report

Easily check the invoices pending payment. Simply open the Accounts Receivable Report. It shows all unpaid invoices. You can filter the shown results by company, period of payment delay, etc.

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