Select Rooms
Special Requirements

In the digital guest portal guests can choose their rooms and select the extra items they want to find in them, like flowers, welcome drinks, etc. Everything they choose is displayed in the booking details and generates a notification on the desktop of your Clock PMS.

Ask about your guests’ preferences

It’s always easier to make guests happy when you know what they want. An automated email to your guests sent a few days before their arrival and offering they choose their room and let you know of any other specific requirements can do the trick.

They choose their (favourite) room

In the ‘Select your room’ section, guests can choose the room they would like to stay in.

If they have been in the hotel before, their profile will have been stored in the system and it will know to offer them their previous room first.

and make their special requests

Guests can choose from the variety of special treatments you have specified in the self service portal settings: flowers, chocolates, champagne in the room, etc.

All requests displayed FYI

The room selection generates a notification on your Clock PMS desktop. Any special requests appear in the designated notes section in the booking details.

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