Self Check-In

Guests checking in on their own save time and effort, yours and theirs.
The digital guest self service portal of Clock PMS, together with the automated mailing system and real time status updates make this not just possible, but easy.
No extra apps, no installations.

Send check-in invitations

Shortly before the arrival of your guests is due, send an automated email inviting them to check in online in advance. The message will provide all they need to access the self service portal.

Preview of the hotel self check-in invitation email on a tablet

Guests fill & sign registration cards

Using the PIN in the invitation message, guests log in the digital guest portal and fill in their registration cards. With the special e-signature function they can even sign them online.

You are duly notified

When guests complete their registration cards, the cards can be seen in the respective booking and in the hotel registry.

All that is left to do when they arrive is give them their key and show them to their room.

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