Setting Company Profiles

Company profiles are the central dashboard for managing your entire business with these companies. Once set in Clock PMS, a company profile can be used in all accounts. It can have linked rates and deposits to speed up the creation of company bookings and payment handling.

Create company profiles

With Clock PMS, the setting of a new company profile is very quick. Just fill in the applicable fields of the Billing Info and Contact Info sections on the New Company screen. Click Create. Done!

Tip:Tick 'Accept charge transfers' check box to allow the transferring of charges to the company.

Link negotiated rates to company profiles

This way when you create a company-related booking, Clock PMS gives you the option to choose one of these linked rates first.

Tip:Still you can see the rest of the rates directly arranged after the negotiated ones.

Option to create a master company folio

Create a master company folio and all charges to be paid by the company on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis can be routed to it. Alternatively, you can create as many company folios as you see fit.

Add a commission for agents and OTA

You can set agent or OTA commissions from their company profiles. Just enter the percent negotiated with an agent or OTA into Commision field on the profile edit screen. Then all commissions on their bookings can be tracked on the Commissions screen. See more in Commissions

Quickly view all company bookings, events, deposits and folios

All bookings, events, deposits and folios of a company are just a click away. Just open its company screen. For your convenience, they are neatly arranged in sections throughout the whole screen to let you easily access and operate with them.

Tip:Access any company agreement or other related documentation stored in the system by clicking its link in the Attachments section.

Multi-property company profiles

Once set up in Clock PMS, a company profile with all of its information. is visible and can be used in all accounts.

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