Shared Guest and Company Profiles

The Central Reservation System of Clock Software benefits from a shared account database. This means quicker booking, guest and company information available group-wide, profile booking and feedback history.

Shared contact details

Because all properties use the same profile database, if a guest has stayed at one of your hotels, their contact details can be used in any other hotel, too. So, when they call to book, the system recognizes them by their e-mail, name or phone number, and auto fills the rest of the information.


Notes entered during guests’ previous stays are stored in their profiles. Then, on following bookings, they are shown in the details so you can always provide the best personalized service.

Booking history

The profiles store the entire booking history of each guest, as well: dates, lengths of stay, rooms, everything. So, when they book again, you know how often they stay with you and can identify valued returning guests easily.

Feedback history

Another thing profiles store is a history of the feedback left by guests. For a central reservation desk, knowing what guests think of their previous stays can help avoid possible altercations or confirm positive impressions.

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