To-Do Tasks and Notes

The Notes and the ToDo tasks in Clock PMS are meant to help communication with guests and among hotel staff. They inform of client requests, meals, housekeeping matters and remind about things that need to be done.

Notes In the Booking

Client Requests

These are the notes that tell the hotel of any special requests guests have regarding their room, stay, meals, etc. They can be made by guests themselves in the digital guest self service portal, or by hotel staff in the booking. In both cases they are shown both in the booking details and in the digital portal.

Housekeeping Notes

The housekeeping notes are meant to relate information regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the room the booking is in. They are entered in the booking details and concern the entire stay.

All housekeeping notes are shown in the booking search screen and in the designated Housekeeping report.

Meal Notes

These notes indicate the meals guests are to take at the hotel.

They are shown in the booking details and in the special Meal report.


These are general notes regarding the booking, guests, or anything else you find necessary.

They are entered here and are visible to all users in the booking search screen.


This is yet another option for relating information to guests or staff. The links in the Notes section can lead to any important information, document, or image online that is linked to the respective booking.

The links can only be found in the booking details.

To-Do Tasks

The ToDo-s are used as reminders or tasks that need to be done.

To-Do for Individual Bookings

When they concern a single booking, like a wake-up call or a personal message for example, they are entered in its details.

To Do for Companies/Arrangers

When they concern a contractor or an arranger, e.g. a balance check or an invoice, they are entered in its profile.

All To-Do Tasks Shown Clearly

All ToDo-s are shown under the red ‘clock’ button on the system home screen and are accessible by all users. The list which opens includes links to the related bookings or profiles for fast access.

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