Taking online bookings through your web site

Developing a property’s website into a primary source for direct commission-free bookings is top priority for modern hoteliers. Clock PMS offers you a web reservation system that provides clear and beautifully designed booking process to assure maximum sales and returning guests. Straight from your PMS.

Booking process that clicks

Many online bookings get abandoned due to a clumsy booking process. The web reservation system in Clock PMS is designed to eliminate this risk by providing a clear and straightforward booking funnel in only three easy steps. This increases the bookers' confidence and leads to better conversion.

A. Show best available offers

It's easy to start a search and get best results in a few clicks.

Place quick search widgets and "Book now" buttons everywhere you find appropriate. Display all available offers in a clear informative manner. Stress on the best ones and entice the customer to close the deal immediately.

B. Upsell everything

Clock PMS is designed to help you sell more.

The web booking engine works like a real sales agent for you. Under the available rates it will invite the customer to see and take advantage of alternative deals and packages. The system also lets you sell extra services like parking places or SPA procedures.

C. Close the deal and get your payment

Enter contact info, choose secure payment, done!

On check-out, your customers see a breakdown of what they book, what they have to pay and when. Your hotel policy is shown here as well, to be read and agreed with before the booking creation.

To meet PCI DSS requirements the system offers secure payment options to handle guarantee deposits.

D. Follow up and engage

After the guest confirms a booking, the system automatically sends a stylish Booking confirmation to the given email address. The letter is beautifully designed in your corporate style and branded with your logo. It also contains a map, booking details, hotel and guarantee policy, total amount and due deposit.

Other important features

Promo codes

You can give customers and corporate clients personal codes to access special promotions or negotiated rates directly on your website. This is a way to bypass rate parity rules, to encourage OTA bookers to book directly, or to enable your agents and corporates to book on their own.

Promote special packages or room types

The Web Reservation System of Clock PMS lets you to generate deep links to specific promotions and packages in the form of predefined search results. Then place those links on your web site or use them in your mailing campaigns so that your bookers land directly at the offer they have seen promoted.

Sell multiple rooms at once

Your customers can create multiple bookings in the web reservation system and then complete all of them in one transaction. This is ideal for someone who books a small group or an agent making several bookings.


The Web Reservation System of Clock PMS can be easily translated in as many languages as you wish. Just add any language in the WRS settings and fill in the text fields, like hotel policy, confirmation letter content etc.

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