Web Reservation System - Integration and customization

The web reservation system is your online shop and like every brand store, it should reflect your corporate identity and demonstrate your high standards of service. The booking engine in Clock PMS is designed to be customised and blend into your website as an integral part of it.

Start with the basics

Customize the web reservation system in the Settings menu - add your logo, header, footer, hotel description in rich text formatting. This is how your booking engine will be displayed through the booking process. Add multiple languages to facilitate your website visitors.

Customized header in Clock PMS online booking system
Search button and widget in Clock PMS web reservation system

Add permanent calls to action

Once your online booking engine is all set in Clock PMS, you can start with the website integration. Begin with a "Book now" button in the main navigation and a search widget on your homepage.

Keep going with internal pages

Depending on the purpose of each webpage, you can choose to integrate a different page (step) of the booking engine in every spot. Pick page one for basic search buttons or page two to present filtered search results to the customer. Alternatively, integrate the availability calendar that is perfect for "book this room"links, for example.

Integrated availability calendar for selected room type in Clock PMS booking engine
Preview of predefined themes available for Clock PMS booking engine

Select a design that fits

To make your web reservation system blend within your website you can choose from 17 available predefined themes. Pick the one that matches your corporate design the most. You can tweak it slightly by adding a custom .css file, if needed.

Or customize it entirely

If you want to alter the appearance of your web reservation system to perfectly fit your website, don't pick a theme but upload your own custom .css file containing your very own colour and style specifications. You might need a web developer's assistance.
Of course, you can use both options.

Full customization of the web reservation system in Clock PMS
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