Company Events

Coffee breaks and meals for company events at your hotel are not a problem for the restaurant POS by Clock Software. Block the tables for it to make sure the restaurant is not overbooked. Post everything to a specially created folio and at the end of the day transfer the charges to the company profile or collect the payment on the spot.

Block the tables you will need

The first thing to do when an event is due is to block the tables you will need for it so they cannot be booked online or offline.

Create an event folio to order on

For greatest efficiency, create an event folio in the profile of the arranger company. It will be shown under the list of tables on the homescreen of your restaurant POS. Then waiters just tap it and order drinks and dishes on it.

All open folios must be closed or transferred before day end.

Transfer the bill to the company profile

At the end of the event, transfer the bill to the profile of the arranger. Find the profile in the hotel where the event has taken place and transfer the bill to a new or to an existing folio.

Or get paid on the spot

For one-time events that are settled immediately, just accept payment as you would for a regular bill and issue an invoice.

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