Handheld restaurant POS

Efficient service is fast and responsive. What could be faster and more responsive than servicing your guests right at their tables?

Impress your guests with fast service right at their tables

Take orders and special instructions, send them to the kitchen, split bills, collect payments, and even let your guests sign bills that will be paid later. Instantly, on the spot on your waiters’ mobile devices. Even print bills on mobile printers right at the table.

Make your waiters more productive. Much more productive.

No more wasted time and delayed orders. No more queueing at the desktop POS terminal. So your staff focuses on servicing your guests, not on getting their bills.

Things you can do right at the table

Taking orders with special instructions to the kitchen - Clock POS screenshot

Take an order at the table and type special instructions

Sending order tickets from the handheld restaurant POS directly to kitchen printers or monitors

Print orders instantly in the relevant kitchens or bars

Easy bill split between restaurant guests with Clock POS

Split the bill between guests

Split tender transactions at the table with the handheld restaurant POS system Clock POS

Collect payments and close bills

Clock POS printing the guest bill on a mobile printer

Print bills on the spot on a mobile printer

Digital signature on regular tablet for bill transfer from the restaurant point of sale

Let guests sign open bills on event or company accounts

Clock POS is affordable.
So affordable, you can put it in the hands of every waiter.

Use Clock POS on unlimited devices for the same fee

Against its flat monthly fee, you can use Clock POS on unlimited number of devices – either desktop or mobile. And since you don't pay per device and Clock POS runs smoothly on inexpensive devices, it makes sense to equip all waiting staff with a handheld terminal. They simply open a browser, log in and start working. Smarter and fairer, isn’t it?

Starts from
$ 40

No upfront fees, no software licenses

No expensive obsolete hardware required, run Clock POS on a simple tablet

The online POS by Clock works on any mobile device - iPads, Android tablets, even smartphones. What it needs is a browser and a Wi-Fi connection. What it doesn’t need is expensive obsolete hardware or system infrastructure.

Just compare the prices of hardware, necessary for legacy POS systems…

POS terminal with MS Windows

Clock POS eliminates the need for expensive hardware

$ 900*
Not necessary with Clock POS

Custom handheld terminal

Restaurant point of sale system that works on standard devices

$ 1300*
Not necessary with Clock POS

A server with MS Windows

Online restaurant POS software does not need expencive servers on-site

$ 900*
Not necessary with Clock POS

...with the one you need with Clock POS

Any device with a browser can be
handheld and desktop**.

Online restaurant software for Android, iOS, Mac, PC works on standard devices

$ 420*

*All quoted prices are approximate and are taken from the web site of popular vendors of the respective equipment.
** Just add a stand. Put the tablet on the stand and it becomes a desktop. Take it off and it’s handheld.

For you it means less lifelong spending on your ePOS. For your waiters, it's greater productivity. For your guests – simply a better experience in your restaurant. Want to check it out?

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