Hotel Transfers

The perfect integration between hotel and restaurant is one of the cutting edges of the systems provided by Clock Software. Saying nothing of the digital room service where hotel guests order straight from the restaurant eMenu and have their food charged on their rooms, bills from the restaurant POS can be transferred to the hotel PMS with just a click and an e-signature. For a complete picture, such transfers can be identified, modified, or included in the consolidated reports of your organization just as easily.

Link bills to destination folios at any stage

Restaurant bills can be linked to the folio they will be transferred to at any stage. Whether it is an event bill linked to the event folio at the start of the event, a business lunch linked to the company hotel folio at its end, or just a hotel guest dinner linked to the room folio some time during the meal - it all works regardless.

A folio must be set to accept transfers explicitly.
A room can be locked for transfers.

Get bills e-signed before transfer

Having bills signed is not a system requirement as such, but it is a standard procedure that saves potential problems. The electronic signature makes things a lot easier, since no paper slips need to be passed around and stored.

All charges are transferred and tracked easily

If not closed in a different way, restaurant bills are transferred in their entirety, tips and all. In the destination folio they are marked as POS bills. The items in them can be listed in detail or they can be sorted by food and drink, so you can always find them and check what the bill contained. Even charges have been transferred around between folios.

Edit or cancel transfers simply

As it’s easy to check the contents of a transfer, it’s also easy to see if a mistake has been made: wrong bill, wrong folio, changes needed in the bill, or something else. Then all you have to do is cancel the transfer, make what changes you must, and transfer the bill again. The charges in the hotel sort themselves out.

Consolidated reports give you the complete picture

The shared database ensures that revenue reports can be drawn across accounts without any additional transfers or transactions. Just select the hotels and restaurants you want to include in the Charge Summary or in the Accounts Receivable reports and get full information about what has to be paid and by whom.

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