Menu Management

The menu in the restaurant POS offered by Clock Software is designed for easy use. All items on it are sorted by colour and order and separated in groups, which are identified quickly by their own colours and icons. Modifiers match visually the groups they are linked to. Prices change automatically for happy hours. Result: everything you need can be found in seconds and at the right price.

Menu groups

The drinks and dishes on the menu can be conveniently organized in groups: starters, salads, main courses, drinks, whatever you need. Create your main groups and set colours for them.

Group icons

Images are faster to recognize than words. Choose a recognizable icon for each group to make you menu easier to navigate.

Matching modifiers

Link each modifier with the menu group it is most often used with. The system will automatically group modifiers and give them with the same colour and icon as the menu group.

Item colours & sort order

Colours, combined with sort order, are yet another way to make your menu easier to work with. Give similar items the same colour and sort order number. Then, when you open a menu group, the dishes/drinks in it will be sorted in colour subgroups, and these subgroups will be arranged in the order you prefer.

Select all items you want to go in a sub-group and set their colour and sort order at once.

Happy hours

Set the rules for your promotions, recurring or otherwise. Specify days, times, period, dishes, prices and let your restaurant POS do the rest. Prices will change automatically and waiters won’t have to check twice for every order.

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