Sending Orders To The Kitchen:
Kitchen Monitor or Printer

In the restaurant POS by Clock Software orders are sent to the kitchen automatically. Depending on your preferences and network infrastructure, you can use kitchen printers or kitchen monitors. Either way, the orders are sent directly to the kitchen where they are prepared, together with any special instructions so good communication and efficiency are ensured.

Kitchen printer

To send an order to the kitchen waiters tap a button. That’s all it takes to send each dish immediately to the kitchen where it is prepared and to print out a receipt automatically. All special requests for degree or order of preparation are sent as well.
For better coordination or control, you can also have orders printed on more than one printer.

Make sure you are using at least one Epson TM-i printer and it is using the same local network as your restaurant.

Kitchen monitor

The kitchen monitor shows orders in real time and in full detail. It pings for new orders and times completion, so kitchen staff know if something needs to be sped up. When an order is ready, they just tap the OK button, print a receipt if needed and send it all out.
Coordination and control are easy, too - the monitor can show one or more kitchens at a time.

The kitchen monitor works on anything with a screen and internet connection. It needs no installation and has no special network requirements.
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