Taking Orders

The mobile restaurant POS by Clock gives waiters the freedom to do their job properly. Tables are presented simply, dishes are selected easily, information is shared reliably, and orders are sent to the kitchen immediately. Operated on a desktop or just as easily on a mobile device, it takes away the pressure of time and focuses on efficiency.

Just tap in the dishes of choice

When clients are ready to order, waiters just select their table and tap their chosen dishes from the menu. All items on it are neatly sorted in colour-coded menu groups, extra ingredients are listed in the similarly coloured groups of modifiers, and quantity is intuitively changed with the “+” and “-” buttons. Smaller portions are not a problem, either.

Items not on the menu, too

The flexible menu of Clock POS makes it easy to serve diners that like to have things the way they like them. The “Custom item” and “Custom modifier” options allow ordering dishes that are not included in the menu, or extra ingredients that are not included in the standard lists of extras.

Inform Kitchen of special requirements

Food allergies, preparation preferences, or any other exceptions are put down in the Notes. Then, when waiters send the order to the kitchen, this information is the first thing to be seen.

Send the order to the kitchen

Nothing easier. Simply tap “Order”. The order can be seen on the kitchen monitor and/or is printed out on the kitchen printer. What is more, if there is more than one kitchen, each dish is printed in the kitchen where it is prepared.

Adding to an order

When you need to add more items to an order, just tap the table to open the bill and proceed as usual. For reference, the ‘Show items’ link will show the items that are already on the bill.

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