Availability : Calendar, Plan, Forecast, Rates

In Clock PMS there are four monitors which show different aspects of the availability of your property:

the Room plan, the Room Calendar, the Occupancy forecast and the Rate and Availability monitor.

Room Plan

The Room plan is the monitor which gives fast information of your rooms on a specific date. Most often it is used by Housekeeping.

  • Open menu Availability/Room plan
  • Select the date you need
  • The screen shows all the rooms in your property grouped in types and in the order you have set when you were creating them.
  • The status of each room is shown in different colours and with the symbols explained below the graph.
  • In this screen you can mark a room as dirty or indicate it needs repairs. To do this:
  • double click on the room
  • set the housekeeping status to 'checked out' or describe the repairs needed.

The Room monitor can also be used for creating bookings.

  • Double click on a room, then click the New booking button and proceed as you normally do.
  • Finally, if a room is occupied, a double click opens the booking for editing.

So, the Room plan shows the status of all rooms on a certain date. If you need their status for a longer period, use the Room Calendar.

Room Calendar

  • Select the start date of the period
  • It can show your availability for the next and previous 7 and 31 days

The bookings are colour-coded to help you easily identify their guarantee level:

  • Red – bookings awaiting guarantee, whose period to be guaranteed has expired
  • Orange – bookings awaiting guarantee, whose period to be guaranteed has not expired yet
  • Yellow – non-guaranteed bookings
  • Green – guaranteed bookings
  • Black – checked in
  • Grey – checked out

You can set a colour and text to certain date cells in the Room Calendar, so that holidays and other special events can stand out. The texts set appear as labels above the calendar. Follow these simple steps:

  • Select 'Labels' from the navigation
  • Add the dates, choosing a colour and text (the text field may be left blank) for each of them.

Anything you can do on the Room Plan screen, you can do here as well: double click on a date to set a room as dirty, create a new booking or edit an existing one.

Two icons show you the unbalanced bookings and the ones locked not to be moved.

A pop-up provides you with basic information about a booking, without being necessary for this booking to be opened. To see a booking's pop-up , hold the mouse cursor over the booking (PC), with the first touch (iOS, as the second one opens the booking), or pressing and holding (Android)

Occupancy forecast

If you need summarized information about your availability, use the Occupancy forecast monitor.

It can be run for any period you like. For convenience, there are predefined periods of 7, 14 and 30 days.

  • Select or enter the desired period

Clock PMS shows the availability of all your rooms summarized by types. You see the number of free and occupied rooms. You can also check the blocks for various events and the rooms used from them.

If you want a simpler version and only need to see your free rooms, click the Details button.

The occupancy forecast can also be printed out and used offline.

Rate and Availability

The Rate and Availability monitor is of greatest use to receptionists who have to answer customer requests directly and find the best room/rate combination quickly.

  • Open menu Availability/Rate and Availability
  • Enter the arrival and departure dates and the number of guests for the booking
  • in the left part of the screen you see a list of all rates.
  • Select the ones that are suitable for this specific booking
  • click Check availability
  • Clock PMS shows the price of the desired nights calculated for each of the selected rates. You can also see the number of free rooms of the selected type.
  • Choose the price you want and click button Book for it.
  • Then fill in the rest of the required details and save the booking.

Tick the Rooms check box to be shown results by rooms.

Tick the Available check box to hide all the prices (products) that are not available due to restrictions, a lack of price or availability.

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