Booking: Guarantee and Confirmation

Bookings' Guarantee option and confirmation status in Clock PMS helps you manage the guarantee options for a booking and its confirmation letter sending progress.

1. Guarantee Option

The Guarantee option is used for calculating the required deposits in the WRS and confirmation letters for a booking, as well as to inform clients of the hotel terms and conditions related to the guarantee option.

  • Select a pre-set guarantee option in the Guarantee Option field when creating or editing a booking.
  • Finish with the creation of a new booking and click 'Create' or 'Save' for existing bookings.
Note: The selected guarantee option's title and description will appear on confirmation letters to guests. For more information on setting up guarantee options, see: Guarantee policies

2. Confirmation Letter

Click 'Confirmation' button on the booking screen and choose the language of the confirmation letter to a guest, then:

  • Click the Send button to email the confirmation letter;
  • Click the Print button for printing the confirmation letter;
  • Click Save as PDF for the creation of a PDF file of the confirmation letter;

Check the example confirmation bellow.

Check also: Settings: Booking Confirmation Email

3. Booking Status

Having sent an e-mail booking confirmation through the Send button on the Confirmation screen, the booking status will change from Not Confirmed to Confirmed @ time of sending the confirmation letter, guest's e-mail.

When the confirmation letter to a guest has been sent through another method:

  • Click the Confirm! Button on the Confirmation screen to change the booking status from 'Not Confirmed' to 'Confirmed';
  • Enter the method of sending the confirmation letter to a guest in the Source field of the pop-up message;

4. Credit Card Details

If through a WBE or Channel Manager, credit details are received as a booking guarantee, they will be filled-in automatically in the Credit Card field of the booking. To check the credit card details, click the Edit button next to the Credit Card field on the edit form of a booking;

You can also enter manually client's credit details received as a booking guarantee. On a new/edit booking form:
  • Click the Edit button next to the Credit Card field;
  • Fill in the Credit Card fields:
    • Card number;
    • Brand;
    • Holder name;
    • Respective credit card code;
    • Month and Year of expiration of the credit card;
  • Click 'Save';

5. Guaranteed Check Box

All expected guarantees can be tracked in the 'Bookings awaiting guarantee' report.

  • Tick the Guaranteed check box on the booking's Edit screen when guarantee option's requirements have been met by a guest, e.g. a deposit or credit card details are received, etc.
  • The same booking will no longer appear in the 'Bookings awaiting guarantee' report.

Example: 'Booking Confirmation'

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