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The search options in Clock PMS make the finding of any booking very easy, as it should be. Only entering contact info, a room type or number, a company and/or event helps you quickly find bookings. You can also use the advanced search options of Clock PMS to find bookings by various criteria.

1. Search Field in the Navigation Bar

  • Go to the search field of the Navigation bar to locate bookings in 'Companies', 'Expected' and 'In Hotel' bookings;
  • Enter one of the following booking details:
    • Contact info (guest's names and e-mail);
    • Room type (search results only from 'Expected' bookings);
    • Room number;
    • Company and/or event;
    • Reference number;
    • Booking number;
  • Click the Search button;

2. 'Search Booking', 'Arrivals', 'Departures', 'In hotel'

The 'Search Booking' screen returns results based on the search period and criteria:

  • Go to 'Booking – Search Booking'
  • Select the search period from the 'Month' drop-down menu;
  • Enter one of the following booking details in the 'Search' field:
    • Contact info (guest's names and e-mail);
    • Room type (search results only from 'Expected' bookings);
    • Room number;
    • Reference number;
    • Booking number;
    • Click 'Refresh'
You can also:
  • Select a company from the Company field drop-down menu to search for all the bookings connected to this company;
  • Search for bookings related to an event of this company, selecting it from the 'Event' field drop-down menu;
  • Click 'Refresh';

The search results are grouped in the following sections:

  • 'Checked In' – guests having checked in;
  • 'Expected' – guests expected to arrive;
  • 'Checked Out' - guests having checked out;
  • 'No Show' - guests expected to arrive, but not having done so;
  • 'Cancelled' – cancelled bookings;

Likewise, you can also use the search fields of the 'Arrivals', 'Departures', 'In Hotel' screens to look for a particular booking:

* The 'Arrivals' screen shows bookings of arrivals grouped in four sections for a particular date:

  • Expected;
  • 'Checked In;
  • 'Expired' – guests having arrived, but not yet checked in;
  • 'No show”

* The 'Departures' screen shows bookings of departures grouped in three sections for a particular date:

  • 'Departures' – guests leaving the hotel on a particular date;
  • 'Expired' – guests with overdue checkout;
  • 'Checked out';

* The 'In Hotel' screen shows the bookings of the guests in the hotel grouped in four sections for a particular date:

  • 'Checked In';
  • 'Stayover' – guests staying over at the hotel;
  • 'Departures';
  • 'Expired' - guests with overdue checkout;
  • 'Expected';
Note: A red alert message on the 'Departures' and 'In Hotel' lists reminds of the Expired bookings . This alert contains a reference to the list of these bookings.

In addition, Clock PMS lets you filter bookings using multiple criteria for more precise search results. This is done through 'Advanced Search'.

3. Advanced Search

  • Go to 'Booking – Advanced Search';
  • Select a single criterion or multiple ones;
  • Click the 'Refresh' button to display the search results;
  • Add or remove columns to the table of search results clicking the Columns button. Tick or untick table columns of your choosing.
Tip: Instead of manually setting the Created filter on the Advanced Search screen, you can use one of the following options of the Booking dropdown menu: 'Created Today', 'Created last 3 days', 'Cancelled last 3 days', and have the respective bookings (created on the current date, created or cancelled last 3 days) listed on the Advanced Search screen.

4. Work with Single Booking or Batch of Bookings

Modify bookings from the search results on the screens of 'Arrivals', 'Departures', 'In Hotel', 'Search Booking' and 'Advanced Search' switching between the 'Select Multiple' and 'Select One' modes, as follows:

Click 'Select Multiple' button to select a batch of bookings;

  • Select or deselect multiple lines or boxes of bookings in the different sections by clicking on them;
  • For selection/deselection of all search results, click 'Select All'/'None';
  • Use the buttons above the booking sections for various operations with the bookings selected;

Click the 'Select One' button to return to working with single bookings;

  • Use the options applicable to a booking displayed as buttons in the line or box of this booking.

Click the 'Simple View' button to display bookings as individual boxes or lines in the different sections.

Note: This option is not applicable to 'Advanced Search'.

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