Table Types for Web Booking Engine

The Table Types feature in Clock POS allows you to better manage your tables and have a tidy and well-arranged table booking engine.

Before you start

You will need the add-on for Clock POS Web Booking Engine in your subscription.

Table Creation Process

To create a Table Type for your Clock POS Web Booking Engine, you need to click the ‘Management’ button and select Table Types from the screen's ‘Bookings’ section. The Table Types screen contains all the Table Types created by you.

Menu items in Clock POS

Click the "New" button and enter the specific table type parameters.

Menu items in Clock POS

Name: The best practices show the table type name should state how many guests can sit at this type of tables.

Min Seats/Max Seats: You can set up the Minimum and Maximum Seats that are allowed for this table type. For instance a Table Type for 2 guests, should have the maximum number of seats set to "2". This way when a Table for 3 is booked, the Tables from the above-mentioned Table Type will not be shown in the Web Booking Engine.

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